Why Us?

    Our Mission

    The Summit Barber Academy is student-oriented, with the goal of producing a graduate that has the skills to become a high-caliber professional in hairdressing and barbering.

    The curriculum is designed not only to prepare students to take the state licensing examination but more importantly, to teach them the confidence and skills needed to become competent professionals in the beauty industry. The academy uses only approved teaching techniques and training aids.

    Instructors use a wide variety of educational procedures to guide the student through theoretical and practical techniques required in the course. These methods allow them to create fashion designs that upon graduation and employment, will earn the professional trust of clients and praise of employers and colleagues. Studies include all aspects of hair education, as well as studies in sales techniques and presentation, professional ethics and public relations. The programs are precise, fast, innovative, exciting and applicable in today’s salon or barbershop.

    In order to constantly upgrade our quality student training and guest services, the academy staff actively participates in educational seminars, conferences and meetings. Pride, confidence and integrity are the academy’s values. These qualities are necessary to succeed in any career and are expected of all enrolled students.

    The Summit Barber Academy Difference

    Summit Barber Academies utilize the Summit Salon™ performance-based system to teach future service providers how to provide an exceptional guest experience and enhance their earning potential. Summit Barber Academy marries this performance-based methodology with Pivot Point technical training to provide the most innovative and advanced Barbershop School experience available in North America.

    Barber School Will Never Be The Same

    Barber school will never be the same. Summit Salon Business Center believes that students are the future of the beauty industry. Summit Barber Academies throughout North America prepare students for a successful career. Each day at Summit Barber Academy begins with one question: “What difference will you make in the world?”

    Our community of salon professionals and faculty reflects a world of talents. Summit Barber Academies go inside the issues that matter—and teach you to reach inside yourself for the strength, skills, and confidence you will develop to face them. Through intelligent communication and superior technical training, you are asked not only to study leadership, but to demonstrate it.

    Our five differentiators

    Five tenets that make Summit Barber Academy unique:

    Summit Salon Library:

    Access to the world’s largest salon, spa and school consulting company and its vast library of industry publications and materials.

    Alumni Relationships:

    Stay connected to our graduates and Summit Salons throughout all of North America.

    Entrepreneurship & Innovation:

    Explore new ventures, connect with entrepreneurs and discover daily innovation.

    Learning in Practice:

    Learn how to connect your passion for the art with daily and weekly financial goals.


    Celebrate intelligence on a daily basis.